About me.


Thomas Corell, Diplom-Informatikter (FH), München

My job as a graduate computer scientist (Diplom-Informatiker (FH)) has given me a lot of pleasure since 1994 and over the course of time I have had the opportunity to get to know many people from various cultures in a wide variety of industries.

Personal and open contact is very important to me. I have been working very successfully with my business partners for a long time and some private friendships have developed from this.

As an active DSV/DAV (*) member, I am usually drawn to the mountains in summer and winter - the next 3000m summit is already being planned. Ski touring is a wonderful change away from mass-sport and in the Munich area you can find me riding a racing bike - exclusively muscle-driven!

In general, I see a balanced nourishment in connection with appropriate physical activity as the basis for a fulfilling life. As a regular donor to Médecins sans Frontières, I always think of those who really need help.

Since the end of 2018 I've been making my neighbors happy with standards and exercises on my alto saxophone, almost exclusively jazz, so you get to know the residents in the surrounding houses, whether they like it or not ;-)
I also play regularly in two bands, AmbioSonics (Ambient & Groove) and Blos Mer Jet, a brass-band, music from cologne.
When the weather is nice, I am busking with the “boys” in Munich-Haidhausen on Pariser Platz in a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere, preferably on Saturdays from noon onwards.
You can get excellent instruments, accessories, service and advice from the shop of Stefan Brandl, a master for manufacturing and maintance of brass instruments.

On my travels around the world, in addition to the country and people, I am particularly interested in the culinary arts, around 52 cookbooks and many spices I have brought with me are in constant use...

(*) German Ski Association & German Alpine Club

Former.Police.Station "Balde.Wache."

My office is located in part of the premises of the former Balde station, i.e. the former police station 22.
The doors in the stairwell are even dark green, one or the other will still be able to remember this color well (for non-residentals: the former color of police cars in Germany was dark green).

Incidentally, the meeting room is what was then called the “Café-4-Eck”, i.e. the detention area ("Caféshop" with four corners). Don't worry - it's already remodeled and very comfortable - and I'll let you go again.


I design my private and professional life to be environmentally friendly and future-oriented, as far as this is possible and reasonable.

In my office, the returnable drinks bottles are made of glass, plastic packaging is avoided, rubbish is carefully separated, the cleaning products are biodegradable, instead of air conditioning, green plants and open windows improve the air quality, the stand-by mode is switched on reduced to a minimum.

The way to and from work is preferably done by bike or MVG (public transportation services of Munich). The fruit bowl contains as much regional and seasonal produce as possible.


As an enlightened, unprejudiced person on earth, I show my respect to every fellow citizen. It doesn't matter to me what characteristics, political opinion(*) or anything else someone has/represents - we are all individuals and therefore everyone is for themselves different and just as responsible. This diversity makes life interesting under a colorful sky.
In Cologne you say: Live and let live.

(*) There are a few exceptions that I will not tolerate: extreme right winger. social chauvinism. Inhumanity.


  • "We'll do that with Excel!" – Excel certainly has its raison d'être, but it is clearly defined. For everything else there are special applications.
  • "Got it!" – One of the oldest and shortest computer scientist jokes, and in principle also the worst. When you hear it, you can put on the coffee water straight away.
  • "The parameter value is guaranteed never to exist!" – Someone is closing their eyes to reality. Limit value analyses, equivalence class tests, variable declarations/definitions, use and test cases etc. do have their purpose. Otherwise, the software will simply remain undefined at some point.
  • "We'll do the data backup tomorrow!" – well, there are two groups of people: some have already had a data loss, others are yet to experience it.
  • "Programmer's word of honor!" – well, there is neither the "programmer" as a profession and certainly not his "word of honor", is equivalent to the statement of the user to the question of the support, "what they would have done on the computer?": "Nothing!" - By the way, who does nothing...
  • "Computer scientist's word of honour" - but that would raise a lot of eyebrows. It gets really tight when the "great computer scientist's word of honor" comes into play.