Friendly. Fair. Individual.


How much is an internet-presence?

The answer is as easy as obvious: It depends!

Let me give you an example: If you like to build a house, it will differ by the target: Uncle Tom's Shack or the Burj Al-Arab.

The following steps are obligate in every project:

  • counselling interview
  • target definition
  • fixing the budget
  • information analysis
  • high level concept
  • writing the offer
  • requirement definition
  • design
  • overall concept
  • structure of navigation
  • concept of interaction
  • process definition
  • graphical detailed concept
  • writing textes, structure of textes
  • research of picture / fotos and editing
  • search engine optimization
  • configuring of the technical basis
  • programming
  • testing
  • edits
  • acceptance
  • activation
  • introduction


My charge out rate(*) is 125 EUR for consulting, concepts and design, programming and texts; 35 EUR per 1/4 hour for editorial changes, VAT add.
*special prices for artists!

Pictures, taken by a professional fotographer, on-site will be charged by day, starting at 2.200 EUR, VAT add.

Offers with concepts will be presented for 500 EUR upfront, VAT add, and will be cleared at the time of order of the whole project.

My price policy is based on a simple trading calculation, so as you do as well.

I am a Diplom-Informatiker (FH) since 1994, have an A+ education, 29 years of knowledge in a wide field of branches. I posses special knowledge in old- and new economy. Self-Improvement is obligatory and I belong to the group of people, that fed the internet with the bottle.

That's why you engage me - and it counts!


As an overview, here some not binding examples, from a "business card" up to a "fully integrated system":

XSmall - WebSite

one-pager *
1 page templates
5 pictures / research

given texts
1-layer navigation
basic SEO
licenses **
duration: ca. 2 - 4 days

2.000 - 4.000EUR

Small - WebSite

ca. 10 pages *
5 pages templates
10 pictures / research

creation of texts
2-layer navigation
simple SEO
simple forms and processes
licenses **
CMS optional ***
duration: ca. 4 - 8 days

4.000 - 8.000EUR

CMS: 1.000EUR

Large - WebSite

ca. 40 pages*
15 pages templates
20 pictures / research

creation of texts
multilayer navigation
extensiv SEO
individual forms and processes u/o shop integration
additional programming
licenses **
CMS obligatory ***
duration: ca. 12 - 20 days

12.000 - 20.000EUR

CMS: 1.000EUR

XLarge - WebSite

ca. 100 pages*
25 pages templates
50 pictures / research

creation of texts
multilayer navigation
extensiv SEO
individual forms and processes u/o shop integration
additional programming
interfaces / additional integrations
licenses **
CMS obligatory ***
duration: from 20 days

from 20.000EUR

CMS: 1.000EUR

* = imprint and privacy policy incl.
** = licenses for style- and functional-bibs, pictures etc.
*** = CMS one-time 1.000 EUR and monthly system fee from 45 EUR (depends on additional and optional moduls)


My clients are faithful since the time of the beginning of the internet. Some of them even after business transfer (to the next generation). That speaks for itself.

My solutions are individual, "tailor-made" and aligned to YOUR processes and needs.

With my solutions you still have full control about everything, well and detailly documented. You may change every single bit, if you like.


For those, who like it "cheap": You may go to the penny-pinching-companies and get a product off-the-shelf for some Euros and 50 cents per month. Than, you may change some titles, paragraphs and colors.
Individual design? No way!
Configuration of the needfull elements? No access!

Will these products generate real benefit? The anwser and decision is yours!